Essay writing: Methods of creativity

When it comes to essay writing, it should be mentioned some methods of creativity. In the 1970s, two basic methods of creativity were developed almost at the same time. Thus, for example, in 1971, was developed Tony Buzan Mind Map concept. It was presented to a wider public in the early 80’s with “Use your brain“. Also at the beginning of the 80’s, was presented “Writing the natural way” by GABRIELE L. RICO.

Both concepts are often confused. In the centre of each one of them, is a core concept circled. From this line lead to further words. Thus, it can create a comprehensive system of lines. However, despite some similarities and there is already a certain relationship purely superficial differences. This can be attributed in part to differing objectives of the methods.The mind-map method is certainly good.

Probably each of you has heard of Mind maps. The strict variant Mind Map ® is a registered trademark.The cluster method hand may be unknown, but it is often used in everyday life. It comes to phone notes and other transcripts that often resemble clusters of mind maps.The basic idea of both methods is to break the usual linear thinking and to connect using graphic elements and figurative conceptual thinking together.

The mind map is more than a springboard for writing text.Clusters are also used in many ways, but can quickly become confusing and often after a short time, they are no longer readily understandable.The cluster is aimed at the immediate processing of recycled content. Thus, the cluster is also a good tool for excerpts especially if they open directly in the written report. Areas with associative links, also these with the discovery of new ideas are ideal for processing by the cluster.

Nevertheless, clusters and mind map can be combined well in practice:

• A cluster can be very well used as initial mind map. In the post-processing by creating a mind map, developed ideas are concentrated and systematized.
• The writing system of a mind map prepared by the cluster topic can be a first step towards the formulation of a mind-map keyword.

In summary, it can say:

The strengths lie in the conception of the mind map.
The strengths of the cluster are in the immediate preparation for writing.

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