Dissertation Proposal: The Doctor of Laws program of UPH

The Doctor of Laws program of UPHis based on a semester and credit system and consists of basic skills, advanced skills and research. Students can complete this program within six to ten semesters.

Doctor of law research program produces the-art facility in a wide range of subjects and disciplines of administrative and constitutional law to legal and Economics.

Discussion and research processes and the introduction of quantitative research methods

The main discussion is based on features, principles and method of qualitative research in comparative quantitative research focuses. Philosophy of law (2 points) philosophy, a dissertation, so that in the study of law problems, each student not only understands them as phenomena in of society, but as an ideal principle in society. Comparative Legal Culture (2 points).

The discussion Indonesian legal culture

The main discussion is current legal culture, law enforcement and obedience to the law focuses on the development of legal culture of Indonesia. Comparative Legal System (2 points).

To understand the significance of the legal system to discuss. What are the influences of the legal systems of other countries, both in the area of civil law (codified version) or Common-Law in the direction of the Indonesian legal system.

Role of Law in Economic Development

It is in order to discuss fully the philosophy of law in economic development.

The main discussion Focuses on principles of criminal law and teaching, Especially Those with public criticism: economic crime, corruption, cybercrime law, money laundering, the law of nation on crime (against the government and subversive), death penalty, life sentence, charged and punishment.

The result of the examination in writing selection is important to define who will continue to the next step (Research and Dissertation). The material for the understanding of research methodology, the specialization of science and critical thinking (including abstraction) are involved, and they are systematically defined. The students submit their dissertation proposal. The proposal must be continue as a dissertation or research.

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